Supplies To Use For A Janitorial Company

There are a lot of tools and supplies one needs to get before starting a cleaning company.  These tools and supplies will help in determining the outcome of your cleaning process.  If you use high quality equipment or good equipment, then your results will be better than using lesser quality.  For those looking for a janitorial company virginia beach, here are some suggestions that may get you started.

Eco Friendly Products

Many companies are looking for cleaners that are going green.  These are companies that don’t use harsh chemicals and products in their cleaning process.  When looking at Eco products they need to be biodegradable and even water soluble.

Replacing equipment regularly

Keeping a place clean means that you don’t transfer dirt from one job to another.  Typically, when we complete a job, we will take our equipment and move it to another location.  Removing items such as dirty water and debris is quite common but for most of us, reusing the same brooms and mop heads is a common occurrence. 

You want to watch your equipment and make sure that it is still useable.  If you see wear and tear, frayed edges and pieces of the devices such as mop are falling off, then you may not want to use them anymore.  When it comes to replacing your equipment, it has to be economically viable as well ecologically viable.  Don’t be throwing away good stuff just because.


When starting a cleaning company, you will need transportation.  This transportation can help you get from job to job or get supplies as needed for a stationary situation.  When looking for transportation, find something that is large enough for you to use as well as something that you might be able to brand.

Branding your company

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Finally, brand your company.  Come in looking professional with shirts, logos and more.  If you look and act professional then people will see you as professionals and this will give them confidence that you will leave their spaces clean.